It would be a challenge to find anyone that doesn’t fall somewhat in love with South Devon.  It’s a very pretty area, and contains towns and villages, both on the coast and inland, that can be a perfect base for a vacation.  If solitude is what you’re after, there is no shortage whatsoever of tranquil and isolated spots where the only sounds you’ll hear when you wake up are the local church bells and the birds singing their dawn chorus.  In exploring this beautiful area, there’s a great deal for the visitor to discover.  Seafaring stories including tales of smuggling, piracy and World War Two exploits; the bountiful nature, both flora and fauna; outdoor activities, from surfing and coasteering, to hiking the South West Coast Path; exceptional food and drink, fresh from both the land and the sea; and so much more.  A gentle and easy place to be contented, South Devon is a wonderful place to visit.