Historically, Salcombe’s specialist area of trading was the importing of pineapples from the West Indies and oranges from the Azores, brought in on clipper ships. Of course, times have changed, but the mild micro-climate that’s enjoyed here (reflected at the gorgeous gardens at nearby Overbecks), does give Salcombe an exotic flavour, similar to the exotic places from which these fruits would have come.

Due to the sheltered nature of the town’s location, Salcombe has become one of the largest yachting centres in the southwest, something that’s evident when enjoying the view from one of the waterside cafes or hotels. Also noticeable are the beautiful beaches at North and South Sands, and across the water at East Portlemouth – all these beaches can be reached by passenger ferry during the warmer months. A select offering of accommodation is available for the visitor, and there are several great places to eat and drink at, making this a perfect holiday town.