A bewilderingly rich offering awaits the Dartmoor visitor, with plenty of great interest to discover, including many layers of history, abundant nature, countless myths and legends, and beautiful scenery. Containing the largest concentration of Bronze Age remains in the UK, there are stone rows, standing stones and settlements that can be freely explored. The remains of the tin mining industry which thrived for many centuries are also very visible in places, and one of the best ways to explore these aspects of Dartmoor’s history is on foot. Seemingly endless trails across this historic landscape make Dartmoor a walker’s paradise, and it’s perfect for cyclists, horse riders and kayakers too.

This is the only place in England where you’re allowed to wild camp – what an experience this is, although please follow the rules as specified by Dartmoor National Park Authority. Whatever you choose to do on Dartmoor, always keep a camera to hand, as the views won’t stop coming, and the photogenic and iconic Dartmoor Ponies are never far away.