Yorkshire is divided into three parts, or ridings, each of which meet at York’s ancient city walls. York itself is a thriving, cosmopolitan hub. Its long heritage has shaped the modern, cultural city we see today and it’s a wonderful place to spend some time.   

If you venture beyond York – and you should – you’ll find a landscape of contrasts. This is a place where rolling dales nudge up against rugged moorland, where tiny villages front up to tempestuous seas. From haunting wilderness to bountiful pasture, wherever you find yourself, the view is bound to be absolutely spectacular. 

Yorkshire’s history makes it fascinating to explore, its past having been etched out by dinosaurs, Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings, right up to the late 18th Century when it lay at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. 

Among all of this magnificent history and nature, there’s time for fireside drinks in charming pubs, cake and chatter in cosy tea rooms and dinner & drinks in buzzing city bistros.