Chipping Campden offers a rare and fascinating glimpse into what life would have been like in the region during medieval times. It was at the heart of the wool trade in the 13th century, famous throughout Europe for this very reason, and several buildings associated with the town’s highly profitable enterprise during this time still stand today. 

The town lies at the northern end of the Cotswolds and is an excellent starting or finishing point for walking the Cotswold Way, a much-loved national trail that runs for 102 miles along the spine of the Cotswolds between Bath in the south and Chipping Campden in the north. It affords the most spectacular scenery, passing through charming villages, towns and countryside. Avid walkers can cover the entire route in around 8-10 days, but a more leisurely approach is to spend a few hours on one of the many smaller routes.  

If shorter walks are more your style, a wander through the immediate surrounding countryside is a delight. Dover’s Hill, a four-mile walk from the town centre, gives you a wonderful sense of space as you gaze down upon the patchwork expanse stretching out beneath you, and the lofty Broadway Tower is also just four miles away. Wherever you roam in the Cotswolds, you’re almost certain to find a quintessential English country pub offering refreshment to quench your thirst, or a tasty lunch to linger over.