Like all great stories, ours starts with a humble beginning. We LOVE England was created six years ago at a kitchen table in Germany by Anglophile, Simone Bach, simply to share her fondness for the country she adores through the medium of a Facebook page. It has been a labour of love and has steadily grown to attract a loyal, active and highly engaged social media following of over half a million people across the globe.



I fell in love with England the first time I went to London in the 80s, when I was a teenager. Back in the day, England for me was the land where so many of my music heroes came from. These days I appreciate other things like the cosy pubs, historical buildings, stunning landscapes and the British people with their mix of humour, politeness and quirkiness! 

Next destination? Cumbria and Northumberland. 




Originally born in Wales, my family relocated to South Devon when I was 9, and it’s been amazing growing up surrounded by all the incredible beauty the south west of England has to offer. Having worked for over 30 years as an operations manager, I started my own business at the start of 2017 providing coaching and mentoring support to small businesses. 

Next destination? Cornwall. 




I’ve been a tour guide since 2013 when I created Unique Devon Tours. Winning the Top UK Guide award at the Wanderlust World Guide of the Year Awards in 2018 has been a highlight. Being a guide and a photographer combines perfectly with being a part of We LOVE England, since I thrive in the world of tourism, and fully understand the appeal of this amazing country. 

Next destination? The Isles of Scilly.




Before retraining as a software developer I worked in various sales, marketing, retail and educational roles within the leisure, hospitality and travel industries. I've been lucky to have travelled extensively in the UK and worldwide and I lived and worked in Turkey and Mexico. However, I have always returned to the Devon village I first made my home over 30 years ago. 

Next destination? The Lake District. 




Half Dane, half Brit, my love for travel started at an early age. Since then, I lived in Australia and New Zealand for seven years before returning to Devon, where family life by the sea was a call too great to resist. My 18 years in marketing - particularly in the travel and tourism sector - have enabled me to explore some wonderfully remote parts of the UK. 

Next destination? The Yorkshire Dales and coast.