Lakeland, as it is locally known, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the England’s most popular regions for tourists, drawing around 18 million visitors each year. It’s easy to see why. With steep, craggy fells plunging into shimmering waters, the scenery is nothing short of majestic. 

There is something deeply poetic in these green hills. For centuries, painters and writers have lauded the romanticism of the Lake District. William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, JMW Turner, John Ruskin and Beatrix Potter all either set up home here or kept coming back for artistic inspiration. Today, the artists continue to come, as do lovers of the outdoors and thrill-seekers.

Walking for pleasure and exercise has long been a firm favourite with visitors, and the range of trails is very impressive, from short, family-friendly strolls beside water, to epic several-day hikes that reach some of the highest points in England. The landscape can be appreciated in other ways, of course, including on horseback, from a bicycle, or just meandering along in a car, pausing here and there to enjoy the breath-taking scenery on all sides.

Communities such as Keswick, Windermere, Grasmere, Coniston and Ambleside offer all that the visitor could wish for in terms of great bases from which to explore. They also provide plenty of things to see and do, as well as a good range of shops, including outdoor clothing, shoe and equipment stores, something of great importance in an area that’s so focused on adventuring into the more exposed areas of the landscape.

For those that fancy a change from the Great Outdoors, there are castles, museums, gardens, aquariums, and plenty of other places of interest to enjoy in this much-loved part of England.