William Wordsworth is the man in question, of course, and if his poetry and reputation haven’t drawn you to Grasmere, then you’ll certainly hear about him once you arrive. If ever a bard captured the personality of a place, Wordsworth achieved it with his poems written in and about the area around him. He lived with his family in four different properties in Grasmere and surrounds, and visitors can immerse themselves in learning about the man that held the position of Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1843 to 1850.

Grasmere has more to offer than Wordsworth, even if he and his poetry are the main talking points here. There are good quality shops to enjoy, specialising in the likes of gingerbread or chocolate, and art and craft galleries too. Some fabulous walks start from the village, leading one high up into the fells, following, of course, in Wordsworth’s footsteps. For anyone that wishes to be more than just a day-tripper to Grasmere, there is a fine selection of accommodations to stay in and places to eat at, so along with its central location on the eastern side of the Lake District, there are plenty of reasons to use this village as a base.