Both beaches are worthy of a visit, with their golden, soft sand and plenty of room, especially when the tide is low. Swimming is relatively safe at both beaches, and for water sports lovers, surfing is ever popular, with surf schools available to help those that want some instruction. There’s a small collection of places from which to buy food and drink, and the general location is extremely scenic, with fabulous views across to Burgh Island.

Situated on this tidal island, reached at low tide on foot and at high tide by sea tractor, is the iconic and stylish Burgh Island Hotel. Agatha Christie famously stayed in the Beach House in the 1930s, where she wrote two of her most popular stories, And Then There Were None, and Evil Under the Sun. Residents of the hotel can these days stay in the Beach House, a perfect escape with great views across the two beaches. A walk to the top of Burgh Island provides the best angle from which to enjoy this stunning location, especially as the sun goes down over the sea at the end of the day.