The impressive remains of the town’s Norman castle look down upon this historic old community, a place that always absorbs more of one’s time than expected.  The main High Street contains most of the town’s colourful shops, as well as treatment rooms offering alternative therapies, the town museum, the delightfully small Totnes Cinema, and the thriving market square, were twice weekly markets are held.

Visitors should keep looking around, and up, as the architecture is varied and fascinating, and it’s definitely worth seeking out the likes of the Guildhall, dating from 1553, and some of the narrow back alleys leading off the High Street.

For day trips from Totnes, transport comes in the form of the mainline railway, the South Devon Railway that offers a charming step back in time on the steam train rides to Buckfastleigh, and the boat trips that run back and forth to Dartmouth, taking day trippers on a wonderful journey down the River Dart.