The fishing industry is ever obvious to the visitor when wandering around the narrow streets of this pretty town, and staircases lead from one tiered level to the next as the colourful houses climb up the steep sided hills that surround the main harbour.  Fresh seafood is the order of the day at the many eateries around town, and if you choose to eat your fish and chips in the open air, keep half an eye open for the canny gulls that might swoop from overhead!

Brixham has an impressive pirating and smuggling heritage, which can be delved into at the town museum, or interacted with at the annual pirate festival which takes place each May.  Walking around and beyond Brixham is a pleasure, including up to the headland known as Berry Head, that looks back across Torbay over to Torquay and Paignton.  From this beautiful nature reserve, dolphins and the very occasional whale can be spotted, and the two Napoleonic forts can be explored.