Exploring Yorkshire’s diverse landscape tops the list for many visitors. From the undulating patchwork quilt that makes up the Yorkshire Dales to the sweeping coastlines of the Yorkshire coast and the brooding, rugged moors that provided the setting for Wuthering Heights and other classics, all of it will amaze and delight you. Whatever your mode of transport – be it bike, car, your legs or a horse – you will be rewarded with seemingly endless views. 

Yorkshire's cities, towns and villages are just as beguiling, packed with heritage, culture and friendly folk. York itself is a must-see, perfectly balancing its 1,900 years of history with a cosmopolitan offering for the modern visitor.

If you’re looking to hit the water, Yorkshire has an extensive range of canals and rivers for kayaking and canoeing, and the Yorkshire Coast won’t fail to disappoint those wanting to surf, paddleboard, or hop on a boat tour.