It’s not just the fine dining establishments that wow those eating there, but pubs, cafes, tearooms, and hotels that are also surprising and delighting their customers.  The food and drink industry is really on the ‘up’ in Devon, and people now visit to find that their high expectations are met, and often exceeded.  Quality fare is available all over the county, and the choice is there for both people who want someone else to cook for them, and for people who want to prepare their own culinary delights.  There are some great food markets in towns such as Barnstaple, Totnes, Tavistock and Tiverton, and most communities have some really interesting food and drink shops of various types.  Food festivals take place around the county at different times of year, and of course there are Christmas markets taking place that include some great seasonal foodstuffs either for personal consumption or to serve as gifts for loved ones.

We mustn’t forget the Devon Cream Tea, by the way, a wonderful combination of scones, clotted cream, jam and a pot of tea.  First created by the monks at Tavistock’s Benedictine Abbey many hundreds of years ago, this much copied speciality is available throughout Devon, and best served up in one of the county’s wonderful tearooms.