Of course, the county offers more than just a seafood diet. The pasty is a Cornish icon – traditionally a baked pastry filled with beef, potato, swede and onion, the pasty has become popular around the world due to the spread of the Cornish miners over the centuries, and it even has protected status. Finding the finest pasty is no easy feat, since they are sold everywhere in Cornwall, but tuning into whoever has won the latest World Pasty Championship can offer some great tips. Alternatively, just ask a local, since they all have an opinion about where the tastiest pasty is made!

Cornwall is also well known for its clotted cream, which is lavishly served up with scones and jam to create a Cornish cream tea, or sometimes used to make very tasty ice cream. There are vineyards making wine, breweries producing beer, and there’s even a tea plantation, producing the first-ever tea to be grown in England.