On arrival, try not to be put off by the fact that one has to pay a fee to enter Clovelly.  Your money goes to good use to help preserve the integrity of the village, and it certainly wouldn’t be the way it is without this funding.  Once you leave your car and enter through the shop, you will quickly forget the little you’ve paid, as you start to enjoy the beautiful sea views, and this unspoilt community that has been owned by the Rous family since the 1738.  Cars aren’t allowed, there are no telegraph poles, and street furniture just isn’t a thing here.  The only way to descend the steep hill to the harbour is on foot, giving ample opportunity to really get a feel for the place.  Dipping down little side alleys and into small chapels further broadens ones understanding of Clovelly and its interesting history as a fishing village.  Finally, please don’t worry about the climb back to the top, as a Land Rover will whisk you up the hill when you’re ready to return to your car.