Strangely, my love for architectural and city/town photography grew out of a passion for coastal and landscape photo trips, or more precisely the lack of them! When I couldn't get away to photograph the natural world, I began to look closer to home to satisfy my photo urges and found a beautiful city was waiting patiently for me right on my doorstep, all this time. 

A whole new seed of enthusiasm developed and soon every street, alley, landmark and parkland began to captivate me, filling the void that those missed coastal trips had once created. In fact, it quickly became my true passion and it's been growing ever since.

But of course, I still love landscapes and coastal locations and enjoy getting out into the great outdoors to photograph rural scenes alongside cultural hotspots, villages and towns - anything that simply deserves to be captured, I'll be there with my camera and I can't wait to share with you what I discover.

I am currently working on my first series of books about the city of Bath - these are visitor and photography guides helping you get the most from your stay in this wonderful city. There are unique locations to explore, best times to visit and all those famous landmarks that make Bath one of the UK's most beloved destinations - have I mentioned Bridgerton hotspots yet?